"Wolf Lights" This is a detail of my
latest piece.
"Wolf Lights" The full piece of
sandstone, as it is in progress.
"WOLF LIGHTS" - Sculptured Sandstone Painting - 28 ½ x 30
Each piece is unique but this piece has characteristics that make it special. The
shape is unusual but the colors are incredible. At the top are lavenders,
purples, and mauves where the wolf heads appear to be coming out of the
formations that contain these colors. In the middle are off whites, ecru and
shades of tans that give the appearance of light coming from the around of the
head of the large wolf. This area is also the beginning of the lines of rich,
siennas, rust and browns of the iron ore and minerals found in the lower
portions of the stone.
"Native Americans believed that, when the northern lights danced, wolves came to
visit. They saw the flashes of purple, red and green light as signs of wolves
bounding from the sky to Earth."
" Wolves"  by Diane Swanson
Welcome to the World of Animals Series
Sandstone Art
The beauty of sandstone begins with its origin. It has taken the forces of nature
over 180 million years to produce the ores and minerals that form the sandstone’s
unique colors and designs. The beauty and mystical designs are truly a gift from
our Earth Mother.
As an artist I have worked with various media, but one of the most interesting and
intriguing has been the sculpting and painting of sandstone. Each piece of the
sandstone is chosen for the lines, swirls and color that create a scene or story
that emerges as I work with it.
With a range of hand tools to carve and sand away layers of stone, it will take
weeks and often months…sometimes years, for the piece to be completed. This
depends upon the size of the stone and the complexity of the scene that reveals
itself to me. Great pains are taken to emphasize and retain the beauty and original
design of each piece. Whatever is added to create the scene, comes from the
voice of the stone itself.
By staying true to the unique characteristics of the sandstone, I am able to
produce a whole organic environment and a one-of-a-kind three dimensional work
of art. No two pieces will or could ever be the same.
Working with sandstone is an experience of oneness with my Earth Mother and
the world in which I live. As I find the voice of the stone and work in harmony with
it, I find a place of peace, love, and WONDER. It fulfills my philosophy that each of
us, Mother Earth, and All Our Relations, are ONE . Everything is alive…even
sandstone, and is an expression of our Creator’s love.

"The lodestone attracts iron to it, and holds it fast in its embrace. The attraction of
cohesion, as a law of love, takes place throughout all inanimate nature."
Desiderius Erasmus
"Wolf Lights" Second stage of process, is to add the undercoat.
"Wolf Lights"
31" X 33"