"I Got The Giggles" book is 72 pages of rhyming fun and delightful full color
illustrations. The poems are a collection of whimsical, comical, real life experiences,
with some fantasy and tongue twisters added. Its for ‘kids" of ALL AGES.
Have you ever tried catching your runny nose?
Do you get all wrinkly in the bath?
Have you ever swallowed a seed?
What about sneezing with your mouth full?
"Growing Up" experiences fill this book with humor, imagination, and family-values,
with illustrations that add to the fun..
Phyllis Karow-Trella’s poem "They Say We’re Different" won the  National Library of
Poetry's Editor’s Choice Award. "We Are One" was published in their anthology of
"Best Poems of the’90’s.
11"x 8 ½ - 78 pages - $18.00
"Shoe-Ploppity" is a fun-filled book written in rhyme with a delightful cadence
that invites children to participate in the repetition of the catchy verse. And
don’t be surprised if you hear your kids walking around the house or walking
down school halls repeating and swaying to "SHOE-PLOP, SHOE-LOP, SHOE-
PLOPPITY, LOPPITY, PLOP…" It is fantasy yet reveals to children (as well as
adults) how easy it is for our imagination to make a SOMETHING out of nothing.
The illustrations are colorful. creative and fun to follow.

8 ½ x 11 – 24 pages - $15.00

Hundreds of children, teachers, and parents in schools, libraries, galleries and bookstores have read, and listened to the poems and stories of
Phyllis Karow-Trella. Her books are highly entertaining and encourage children to interact and share their own experiences. Phyllis helps children to
recognize how their everyday experiences and adventures can be used to make memories for writing and drawing pictures. She enjoys inspiring
them and encouraging them to use their own imagination and creativity. 83 year-old great-grandmother Phyllis Karow-Trella has raised four children,
has 17 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and had six foster children. This plus interacting with children in children’s groups for over 40 years
has given her the inspiration and material to write "I GOT THE GIGGLES" and all of her other children’s books.
The book WHAT’S A CHIROPRACTOR has been in print since
1976, written in three languages and has sold over 35,000
copies. It was written to help children as well as adults to
better understand the body and how chiropractic works to aid
the body in maintaining maximum health and/or relieve pain
from injuries. The illustrations in the book were masterfully
created by artist Stephan Fisher. Also included in the center
of the book is an overlay to demonstrate how the spine and
the body work together.

8 ½" x 11", 28 pages plus cover in full color- $18.00
CAPBY, The Educated Chiropractic
Caterpillar story and color book has
been in print since 1978 and has sold
over 40,000 copies. It is a book of
delightful creative drawings for
children to color while reading about
Capby’s chiropractic adventure. The
drawings fill the pages from the inside
of both covers and were artistically
created by Stephan Fisher.

Horizontal – 7"x5" – 12 pages plus