"We Navajo call ourselves “People of the Earth” and we are taught early in life that the
earth is our Mother. We were taught to honor and respect her through our ceremonies
and songs. I was also brought up to understand that I am a part of a sacred web of life
and intimately interconnected with everything from the smallest insect to the largest
mountain and that my inner harmony or balance is dependent on my relationship to the
world around me. As an adult I realized we are all ”People of the Earth” and thus
charged with keeping the balance and harmony of this sacred web of life. So many
people have forgotten this, I knew the importance of passing this understanding on to
the children.

Through the telling of the story Phyllis…teaches about the “Great Web of Life” from a
Native American perspective. She asked many questions about my own Navajo beliefs
and sought approval from a Native American perspective. Phyllis has created a beautiful
work of art, both verbally and artistically. I highly recommend this book to old and young
alike, it is a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the heart."

-Dennison Tsosie Navajo Artist and Silversmith

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Before the story even begins, pages of colorful illustrations take us on a
walk through the forests that the Native American Ancestors walked
before us. Howling coyotes greet the sunrise, fish swim in a stream,
otters play in the water, a flicker eyes the ants on a log as a possible
meal while a snake hides in the shadows, and a raccoon washes his
paws. Deer watch the frogs hiding in the cattails while dragonflies dart
here and there over the water, when suddenly a startled bluebird takes
off in flight. Then an inquisitive wolf and a ringtail greet us, and a mother
eagle watches over her babies in their aerie. And these pages are just
the beginning of the world revealed to us in this book that shows us
In the middle of the forest, we meet Kodee and Willow, two Native
American friends who are faced with a dilemma. Kodee had watched a
baby eagle fall from its nest and now he needs Willow’s help to rescue it
before the coyotes find it. Their intent is to take the injured eaglet to
Shamah, the "forest grandmother." This proves to be a difficult task, but
in the process, Shamah helps them to understand the oneness of all of
life. Through the beliefs and teachings of their Native American
Ancestors, she reveals to Willow and Kodee how the baby eagle along
with all winged ones, the four-leggeds, the two-leggeds, the finned
ones, the creepy crawlers, the rocks, the trees, the water, are "all our
relations." We are all ONE FAMILY…we all have the same EARTH
ALL Our Relations was written for those kids in their "in between" years
when they are neither a small child nor adult. They are known as
adolescents and pre-adolescents. In nature we also have "in between"
times. These times are dawn and dusk when it is neither daylight or
darkness. It is that special time in nature when our hearts and minds
seem to be more open to the WONDER of the world in which we live. The
message of this book is intended to inspire those special "in between"
kids, as well as "kids of all ages – from toddlers to elders," to recognize
the WONDER and ONENESS in their own worlds. It is meant to help them
want to do whatever they can do in each of their worlds and in their
communities to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for our EARTH MOTHER and for ALL
"ALLOur Relations"
1/2" x 10"- 68 pages
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